Our instructors are, of course, accomplished musicians. But more importantly, they are great teachers. They combine a genuine love of their instrument with a real passion for teaching. And it’s that passion that is infectious and often leads to the student developing a life-long love of music.

Christina Blain

I love everything about the piano. I love my fingers moving and hitting multiple keys. I love how beautiful a

Chuck King

Music is my creative outlet. While I enjoy playing a variety of styles, jazz is my favorite. There’s something amazing

Cindy Dugan

Music has been a major part of my life since early childhood. Some of my fondest memories include family gatherings

Dianne Shaw

For as long as I can remember, singing has been a part of who I am. Whether singing to myself

Janie Williams

I’ve been a musician most of my life. From a young age, I took classical piano lessons. My passion for

Kevin James

The saxophone is perhaps the most versatile and vocally expressive of the woodwind instruments. Once you gain a certain confidence

Susan Sumrall

My favorite thing about teaching is helping students recognize their hidden talents. I love to hear and see the joy

Tabitha Robinson

Learning should bring joy. One of my favorite aspects of teaching is helping students experience joy through music. I believe

Veronica Holder

My favorite aspect of teaching is sparking a love of music in my students. I want students to look forward

Yeonwoo Seo

My favorite thing about teaching is helping each student discover his/her unique sound. The beautiful, rich tone of the cello


How do you match me with an instructor?

If you would like, you can select your own instructor by reading the instructor biographies. If you have a specific lesson time that you request, then you will be placed with the instructor that has that lesson time available.

Does the music academy offer lessons for adults?

Yes, we welcome adult students. Several of our instructors specialize in teaching adult students and enjoy adapting lessons to their learning interests.