Chuck King

Bachelor of Music with Trumpet Emphasis University of Montevallo

Music is my creative outlet. While I enjoy playing a variety of styles, jazz is my favorite. There’s something amazing that happens in jazz music. With each performance, the music comes alive and takes on its own personality. I love the way jazz music combines technical skills, music theory, and improvisation. When I play jazz music, my trumpet sings the melody of my soul.

In weekly lessons, my purpose is to help each student accomplish his/her musical goals. I encourage students to grow in their passion for music and to bring pieces they are interested in learning to their lessons. I incorporate a variety of exercises and songs which will help my students make progress towards their personal goals. As we focus on building musicianship, students are asked to practice good technique and increase their knowledge of music theory. Because each musician is unique, I adapt my lessons to fit each student’s personal skills, needs and interests. I enjoy teaching a wide range of trumpet students from middle school to high school to adults.

In addition to teaching private lessons, I also enjoy working with student ensembles. I have the privilege of coaching various trumpet sections at several middle and high schools in the Birmingham area. One of my favorite opportunities is directing the Jazz Band at the University of Montevallo. As a musician myself, I regularly enjoy playing symphonic and jazz style music at a variety of venues.