At Dawson Music Academy, we offer private instruction to students of every level, from beginners to advanced, from preschoolers to adults. Our talented instructors provide weekly lessons adapted to the needs and interests of each individual student.

We offer convenient lesson times throughout the week: morning, afternoon, or evening.  Specific lesson times for all instruments are available during registration. We offer a variety of lesson lengths to accommodate different ages and ability levels, from 15 minute lessons for preschoolers to 60 minute lessons for more intermediate and advanced students. Most of our students choose a 30 minute lesson.

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You can begin lessons any time — today is a great day to sign up and start developing your musical talents! You’ll only pay for what’s left in the semester.

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How do you match me with an instructor?

If you would like, you can select your own instructor by reading the instructor biographies. If you have a specific lesson time that you request, then you will be placed with the instructor that has that lesson time available.

Does the music academy offer lessons for adults?

Yes, we welcome adult students. Several of our instructors specialize in teaching adult students and enjoy adapting lessons to their learning interests.