Ignite Student Bands

The goal of Ignite student bands is to spark new talents within young musicians. With Ignite bands, students explore new ways of making music. Instead of playing solo pieces, students experience the thrill of playing with other musicians. Each band consists of 4-8 members of similar age and ability level. Coaches and band members jointly select music that reflects students’ interests.

Students are not required to be enrolled in private lessons at Dawson Music Academy to participate in Ignite Bands. Bands meet for 1 hour weekly sessions. Band schedules are determined after Band Match Day, which is held at the beginning of each semester. Band schedules reflect the availability of the students in the band. At the end of the semester, band members share their songs at the Band Showcase Night.

There are many reasons that students enjoy Ignite bands. To read the comments from recent band participants, click here.

Ignite Student Bands allow musicians to explore their talents in a new setting. Come experience first hand the fun of playing with a band. To participate this semester, click here.