Shiloh Ferguson

In progress: Bachelor of Science University of Alabama at Birmingham

My favorite thing about the guitar is its versatility. Whether I’m playing “Sweet Home Alabama” or a well-known classical song or contemporary worship music, the guitar has a way of adapting it’s sound to fit the occasion. It’s amazing to me that one instrument can create such beautiful and varied tones.

As a teacher, I enjoy helping students find the song and style that best fits their interests. I encourage students to bring songs to their lessons that they would like to play. I want students to enjoy expressing themselves through music, so we explore a variety of different styles of music. In addition to incorporating student song requests, I utilize a variety of resources to balance and expand their musical experiences. I recognize that some students enjoy playing on their own as a hobby while other students enjoy playing with others in a band setting. Whatever their situation, we work together in lessons to help them accomplish their goal. To prepare them for success, I regularly incorporate musical fundamentals such as note-reading and solid technique in weekly lessons.

In addition to teaching lessons, I also enjoy playing with other musicians. Over the past several years, I’ve had the opportunity to play with a variety of different bands and ensembles. Some of my favorite experiences are playing with the worship band at my church. Additionally, I’ve also enjoyed coaching student worship bands at Summer Music Camp and through Dawson Music Academy’s Ignite Student Bands.