3 Questions to Ask Your Child After a Music Lesson

As a parent, one of the favorite questions I ask my son on the way home from school is “How was your day?” Typically, his answer is “It was fine.” Out of curiosity and support, I usually offer a few more questions to get the summary of his day. For music parents, it’s important to hear your child’s perspective of how things are going with music lessons. We recommend asking these 3 questions so you can hear what’s going on inside of music lessons:

1. What was your favorite piece that you played today?

One way to gain insight into your child’s musical journey is to ask his/her favorite piece. By default, kids typically practice their favorite pieces more frequently than more challenging pieces. As your child expresses his/her favorite piece, you can celebrate the progress they have made.

A spin-off question from this question would be “What was the hardest piece that you played today?” Listen carefully to the answer to this question. As students learn new skills, there will inevitably be some new challenges along the way. In the midst of the learning process, your child needs encouragement. He needs to know that it’s okay to not play the song perfectly the first time. Sometimes, kids need permission to mess up.

2. Was your teacher pleased with your progress today?

Progress serves as an important motivator to students. At Dawson Music Academy, our instructors are skilled at adapting lessons to each student’s ability level. We enjoy setting achievable goals to help students experience success. A key contributor to progress is at-home practice sessions. If students are not making progress, it’s important for teachers, parents, and students to communicate. As we partner together, we can identify any obstacles and brainstorm ideas to help.

3. What showcase opportunity comes next?

Showcase opportunities provide students a helpful focal point. A showcase opportunity may be as informal as a student playing a duet with his teacher during next week’s lesson. Another showcase opportunity may be playing “Happy Birthday” at Grandmother’s birthday party. Throughout the year, our Academy hosts several showcase opportunities to highlight students’ talents. From Christmas in the Community to Celebration Sunday to Spring Recital Day, there’s always an upcoming opportunity. Whether formal or informal, showcase opportunities provide built-in progress indicators for students.

At Dawson Music Academy, we’re committed to helping students make progress towards their musical goals. We want to celebrate students’ accomplishments with you. We also want to work with you to help them overcome challenges they experience. Register for lessons today and see for yourself.

Contributor Kimberly Jones is a wife, mother, and the Director of the Dawson Music Academy at the Dawson Family of Faith.