What Is My Role as the Parent of a Musician?

As a parent, I want to help my son be successful-whether that means riding his bike without training wheels, doing well in school, or playing a musical instrument. No matter the task, I want him to develop the life skill of being successful. To me, being successful doesn’t mean he is the valedictorian of his class or the MVP of the football game. “Success” means my son works hard, focuses on a goal, and does his best.

For many parents, supporting our kids in sports or school comes easy. But when it comes to music lessons, you may not feel comfortable helping your child in his/her journey to success. Here’s the good news: you don’t have to be a musician yourself to help your child experience success in music. Below are 4 easy ways that you, as the parent, can help your child experience success in music.

Build Routines

Help your child find a set time each day to practice. Find a consistent time that works with your family’s schedule-before school, an afternoon “break” from homework, or while dinner is cooking. Musical talents are best developed with consistent practice. (To help build the practice routine, Dawson Music Academy is providing a monthly practice chart for students/parents to record at-home practice. At the end of the month, students who have consistently invested at-home practice time will receive a reward. Click here to download the August practice card resource.)

Listen to Practice Time

Whether you are an expert musician or a novice, you can be an audience for your child. Your listening ear can encourage your child to play the right notes, play slowly, or play expressively. Practice is always more fun with an audience.

Offer Encouragement

Say encouraging words to your child such as “that part sounds better today than it did yesterday” or “I’m proud of your hard work.” It’s easy for children to get discouraged when they can’t play songs perfectly right away. Hearing encouragement from you will help him be patient with himself as he develops new skills.

Facilitate Communication

Keep open lines of communication between your student and his/her instructor. Open communication can help eliminate any potential “problems” in the parent-teacher-student relationship.

At Dawson Music Academy, we value our partnership with you, the parent, to help your child achieve success as he develops his musical talents. To begin lessons at Dawson Music Academy today, click here to register for lessons.

Contributor Kimberly Jones is a wife, mother, and the Director of the Dawson Music Academy at the Dawson Family of Faith.