Our 3 Commitments to You

We want you to take music lessons, even if it’s not with us. For us, the mission, and the benefits of music are way bigger than one school or studio. If you already have a place you’re taking, keep it up! But if you don’t, we’d love to invite you to join us here at the Dawson Music Academy. Because you’re trusting us to share the gift of music, we’re serious about the three big commitments we’re making to you and your family.

Dedicated instructors

We think that our instructors are the greatest around. Of course, we’re a little biased. At the Dawson Music Academy, it’s a given that each instructor is great at their instrument, but our commitment goes further than that. Expertise is not enough for us, and neither is playing in the best band or most distinguished orchestra around. Sure, our instructors do those things, but we look for something more: dedication. You see, our instructors love to teach, and they are dedicated to their students. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised to get a call or note from your instructor during the week, just checking in on that test you told them was coming up. That’s why you’ll actually enjoy your lessons, and why you’ll notice your instructor looking forward to seeing you. And that’s why your instructor will be praying for you as the semester goes by. It’s more that a job for us, because we are dedicated to teaching.

Meaningful communication

Talk is cheap, so our commitment is that our communication will be simple, focused, and helpful. The Dawson Music Academy offers meaningful communication through our website, over the phone, and in person. You’ll easily stay up to date on music camp opportunities, group classes, lesson schedules and locations, and so much more. We’re committed to keeping you informed of all that going on, whether it’s from our main office or your instructor. We’ve proudly invested in a new website and new registration process so that it’s simple for you to communicate with us.

Accessible resources

There are so many great resources out there, and the Dawson Music Academy is here to help you find them. As you check out our blog, you’ll find articles about the best music apps for kids, the spiritual impact of music, the best ways you can save time, and so much more. And each week, we add more and more resources. As a part of the Dawson Music Academy, you’ll receive great resources to help you practice consistently, learn great music well, and share your music with the world. We’re proud to offer accessible resources.

Music has the power to make every part of your life better, and the Dawson Music Academy is committed to dedicated instructors, meaningful communication, and accessible resources. Come and see for yourself. Register for lessons today.

Contributor Kimberly Jones is a mother, wife, and the Director of the Dawson Music Academy at the Dawson Family of Faith.