Favorite Music App for September

Over the past two years, I have started incorporating technology into weekly violin lessons.  As a result, several of my students have made significant progress towards theory goals.  One of the benefits of using ipad/iphone games in lessons is that it provides variety to our theory practice.  Another benefit is that parents or students can download the apps to their own personal devices to use at home. The apps offer immediate feedback to the student, so the student learns along the way. If a student misses a question, he can look at the correct answer and learn how to fix his response for the next question.

Technology has a special way of engaging students in the learning process. Many students are more motivated to practice theory at home using technology than completing paper-and-pencil theory worksheets.  Of course, theory worksheets still have a purpose and a place, but why not include technology practice when appropriate?

Below is one of my favorite apps that I use in my own personal violin studio. I hope this app will provide a fun practice resource for your musician!


The Noteworks app is great for younger students. This free app offers practice with naming notes on the musical staff.  It helps students improve their sight reading skills. The colorful and engaging animation makes practice fun for younger students. There are adjustable speeds (Slow, Medium, Fast) to adapt to learner’s ability level. Students can choose to customize their practice for the keyboard, for Solfege (Do Re Mi) Practice, or for naming letters on the musical staff.

Contributor Layla Humphries is the Founding Instructor of the Dawson Music Academy at the Dawson Family of Faith.