Favorite Music App for April

Ear training develops creative and confident musicians. Students who listen closely to the sounds they produce typically master pieces more quickly and play with more expression than students who rely solely on reading music. Additionally, students who are encouraged to play by ear tend to engage their creative instincts more freely.

Students are never too young to develop their ear for music. Beginning ear training is as simple as listening to two notes and identifying if the notes stayed the same, moved up, or moved down. As students become confident listeners, they will be able to pick out their favorite songs on their instruments. Playing by ear develops an increased sense of ownership and excitement in young musicians. For a fun way to build ear training skills, check out our favorite app this month.

Blob Chorus Ear Training App

The Blob Chorus Ear Training App is a fun way to practice ear training.  The creative animation keeps kids engaged as they identify musical pitches. A smiling, lumpy blob is humorous enough to keep students practicing longer than other boring ear training exercises for sure!

In each practice round of this app, three green blobs at the top of the screen sing a different pitch. Then, King Blob sings a pitch. The student’s job is to select which blob is singing the same pitch as the King. If the student selects the wrong blob, it explodes but allows the student to continue guessing until they get the correct answer. As students master the easier levels, they have the option to move to more challenging levels with more blobs to choose from and more difficult pitch options.

Students will have a blast playing this game as they develop their ear training skills, confidence, and creativity. To download this free app today, click here.

Contributor Kimberly Jones is a wife, mother, and the Director of the Dawson Music Academy at the Dawson Family of Faith.