Why Would a Church Have a Music Academy?

There are so many wonderful places to take music lessons in the Birmingham metro area. With every kind of instrument and voice technique offered, many people are studying voice, violin, piano, and other instruments all around town. Yet in the midst of all that, over 300 students show up each week to take lessons here at the Dawson Music Academy. That’s because over 10 years ago, we made a stubborn commitment to be unique in our mission, and we’re still sticking with it today. So, why would a church have a music academy? For us, it’s a no-brainer.

Music Is Everywhere

Music is everywhere in God’s creation; it’s just being made by things that aren’t usually in the orchestra. The birds sing their songs in the evening. Towering trees rustle as the wind blows through. A stream babbles by as crickets chirp and frogs croak. You have a song, too. Whether with a voice or an instrument, we have a music academy to help children and adults add their song to the music already in progress.

Music Is A Gift

We’ve been given the gift of music so that we might use it to express ourselves, and our worship, in ways that words alone just can’t. And the worst thing we can do with a gift is ignore it. That’s why we have a music academy: so that the God-given gifts of each adult and child might grow and flourish, honoring the gifts God has generously given.

Music Needs a Teacher

Because our God loves people, we do, too. We show that love in every single lesson through custom plans for every student, kind instructors who are servants of Christ, and a leadership team who is committed to introducing everyone to the love God shown to us in Jesus Christ. We have a music academy because it’s a great way to share God’s love with people.

Music Loves “We”

One of the things we love about music is that it’s made even better when we’re enjoying it together. Whether it’s a duet, choir, orchestra, or solo, music is made even better when others can participate by listening or playing along. We have a music academy because Christ designed us to be in community with each other, and music helps us do just that.

It’s simple. Dawson Music Academy’s commitment to providing exceptional lessons in a Christian environment is at the heart of the mission of the Dawson Family of Faith. As we seek to become and help others become faithful servants of Jesus Christ, we soon discover that we’re singing and playing different parts to the same song, offered to our loving and creative God.

Contributor John Woods is the Music & Worship Pastor of the Dawson Family of Faith.