7 Benefits of Our Music Lessons

As a mom, I carefully consider the benefits and the cost of extra-curricular activities before adding something new to our weekly family schedule. The “cost factor” consideration includes the time and the money we will invest each week with this new activity. It’s not just about “having fun” or “adding something new” to our already busy schedules. One question I always ask myself: “What will my child gain from participating in this new activity?

Here are a few benefits of music lessons to celebrate:

1) Fosters Self-Expression

Music provides an opportunity for students to develop creativity. As they learn different songs, students realize that musical sounds reflect emotions such as joy or sadness. Young musicians often enjoy exploring new ways to express themselves through music.

2) Develops confidence

When students invest their time and energy in music, they receive an awesome feeling of accomplishment. Each week in lessons, they learn a new skill. As they practice that skill, they improve their musical ability. Something special happens when they play a piece they have worked on for several weeks all the way through for the first time. They have a renewed sense of ownership and confidence in their abilities.

3) Teaches Discipline

The disciplines of focus, commitment, and routines are inherent to musicians. Student musicians establish practice routines as they learn to play their instrument. They develop skills of time management and organization as they keep a practice record.

4) Promotes Perseverance

In learning a new piece of music, student musicians set and accomplish many goals. Students learn to read the notes, master the coordination of playing the notes, and discover how to play expressively. Along the way, students encounter musical challenges. However, they develop perseverance as they work through the challenges to accomplish their goals.

5) Boosts Listening Skills

Students who take music lessons develop listening skills that help them in various areas. Musicians learn to distinguish between different sounds, which is a helpful listening skill. This ability not only enhances a student’s musicianship, but also helps students better absorb verbal instruction.

6) Improves Coordination

As students learn to play an instrument, their muscles learn new skills. Hand-eye coordination improves as students learn to read music and play the notes on their instrument. Muscle coordination is developed and strengthened as students learn to play sets of notes. Passages of music are learned through various practice exercise and repetition that strengthen and develop the muscles.

7) It’s fun!

Music makes life more fun. Playing or singing a favorite songs brings joy to the day. As students learn to play song and develop their talents, they will have fun exploring the gift of music.

We appreciate the opportunity to share the gift of music with you. The above list indicates just a few of the many rewards musicians gain from music lessons. The time and money invested in weekly music lessons has a great return on the investment.

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Contributor Kimberly Jones is a mother, wife, and the Director of the Dawson Music Academy at the Dawson Family of Faith.