5 Reasons Elementary Music Teachers Value Private Lessons

There are MANY wonderful reasons to take private music lessons.  The research has been proven and there’s no doubt that investing in music learning is money well spent!

As an elementary music teacher, I LOVE it when I have students who take private music lessons of any kind.  These students are student leaders that add SO much to my classes.  Here are 5 ways private music students contribute to the general music classroom:

Music Vocabulary

Private music students often help me explain difficult music terms in perfect “kid language”. As adults, we can sometimes confuse children with big words and over explaining. I love it when I have a student raise their hand and offer their own definition or explanation that is much more kid friendly and relatable.

Participation Leaders

Private music students are eager to participate which encourages even the most timid students to get involved. In music class, some of our activities require a LOT of courage. So often taking that first step is the hardest. It’s so great to have these eager students willing to step up, take the first turn, and show the others that THIS IS FUN!

Advanced Parts

When working on difficult instrument arrangements, these advanced students can handle more difficult parts. Often pairing one of these students with another less experienced musician can lead to some great musical moments for both children.

Student Conductors

These students are also WONDERFUL conductors! As the only music professional in the room, I’m often cueing one group with one hand, cueing another group with the other hand, singing with another, and patting the beat with my foot! I often ask these more advanced students to take charge of a group or section, giving a boost to everyone in the classroom!

Classroom Concerts

My favorite aspect of these more advanced students is the classroom concerts that we have. My students know that ANY time they have a piece prepared and want to share, they are invited to do that!

Elementary music classes always benefit from private music students…but private music students benefit so much from their elementary music classes as well! It’s a wonderful partnership of sharing music in different settings. To begin private lessons at Dawson Music Academy today, click here to register for lessons.

Contributor Hailey Pepper is the Children’s Music Coordinator of the Dawson Family of Faith and the Music Teacher at Shades Cahaba Elementary School in Homewood, Alabama.