4 Lego Landmarks of Music Lessons

Creativity and flexibility are key components of master LEGO builders. Interestingly, many of the qualities that attract and engage children with LEGO sets are inherent to music. That means that if your child is a LEGO fan, his interests will also connect well with playing an instrument. Here are four landmarks that appear with both LEGO play and music play.

Picture of Final Product

One of the greatest motivators for LEGO builders is the picture on the outside of the box. When a child selects a Star Wars LEGO ship to build, he sees the end result of his building efforts. That provides powerful motivation as he builds. Similarly, in music, children are motivated by hearing the final product. Children listen to what the song sounds like when played from start to finish and they have a tangible goal established. Their focus becomes playing the song and producing the final product they have heard.

Step-by-Step Directions

If LEGO sets contained only a picture of the final product and the LEGO bricks necessary for assembly, children (and parents) would be overwhelmed with the task at hand. Thankfully, LEGO designers masterfully craft step-by-step directions to guide builders along the way to their creation. In a similar manner, Dawson Music Academy instructors creatively guide students through a step-by-step process to learn each part of the music. Once students master a specific skill, instructors incorporate new skills that build on the established foundation.

Perseverance in the Process

Even with step-by-step directions, the process of transforming 582 LEGO bricks into a Star Wars LEGO ship still requires perseverance. Admittedly, there are times along the way where LEGO builders may consider abandoning the task at hand. However, usually the excitement of playing with the finished product provides motivation to push through the challenge. Likewise, in music lessons, the goal of playing the final piece inspires perseverance throughout the learning process.

Creativity by Design

A favorite aspect of LEGO play lies in the limitless designs that children can create with LEGO bricks. In a similar way, music encourages children to embrace their creative instincts. Children enjoy composing their own songs. With infinite combinations of rhythms, notes, and sounds, there is continually a new outlet for creativity waiting to be explored.

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Contributor Kimberly Jones is a wife, mother, and the Director of the Dawson Music Academy at the Dawson Family of Faith.