3 Reasons to Attend Concerts

If you ask a musician who inspired them to pursue music, the overwhelming response will be another musician. From a very young age, we learn by watching others and imitating their actions. Parents don’t give their toddlers a five step plan to teach them how to walk. Kids figure it out by watching their parents and imitating their actions.

The power of learning by observation should not be overlooked for musicians. In the same way that kids learn about football by watching their favorite team play, musicians gain new insights by watching other musicians make music.

Exposing musicians to a variety of musical styles increases their musical intelligence. Attending live concerts doesn’t necessarily mean purchasing season tickets to the Symphony. Perhaps it’s watching the high school musical, show choir, or band concert. Maybe it’s watching the band play at half-time during the football game. It could be a special worship experience at church. Whatever the style or venue, here’s three reasons I encourage you to make time to attend concerts.

Inspire New Goals

By watching other musicians play, young musicians realize the potential of their instrument. A vocalist with the lead in the musical reminds a young singer that there’s more to the music than just singing the correct notes. A pianist playing with a worship band reminds the piano student that it’s important to practice with the metronome to keep a steady tempo.

Discover New Sounds

One of the great benefits of concerts is the opportunity to hear new sounds. Instrumentalists playing together can produce a wide variety of textures and styles of music. As young musicians hear different styles of music, they expand their musical knowledge. Many times, they acquire a new “favorite” style of music.  Additionally, as they watch other great musicians, many students gain a renewed commitment to develop their personal talents.

Experience New Connections

Attending a live concert allows musicians to experience music in a new way. With the ease of today’s technology, it’s easy to watch a “live” concert clip online. Yet there is something special about being part of a live concert. When the instruments are in tune and the musicians are following the music, something amazing happens. The music connects with the audience and inspires their imagination.

Attending concerts can be a powerful motivator for young musicians. Next time there’s an opportunity to attend a concert, gather the family, mark the calendar, and enjoy an evening of fun!

Contributor Kimberly Jones is a wife, mother, and the Director of the Dawson Music Academy at the Dawson Family of Faith.