3 Ways Kindermusik Enhances Social Skills

There are many reasons to enroll your child into a Kindermusik class, but one important aspect that ranks high among all families is social development. In the early years, bonding and connecting with your child is what is most important. Children then move into the awareness of peers and interacting with others through play. Eventually, they will blossom into little people who socialize with great ease. Through each age and stage, Kindermusik offers a unique support to develop their social skills.

Babies in Kindermusik

Each week your baby will be observing and interacting with other babies in various stages of development while bonding with their caregiver in a safe environment. Babies will see the same faces and experience the same routines every week which will stimulate growth, learning, and the feeling of safety. The beauty of the intentional time with your baby is a wonderful memory that will last with your for a lifetime.

Toddlers in Kindermusik

Toddlers begin to broaden their social interactions, both with peers and adults. With weekly classes, toddlers become comfortable with our Kindermusik rituals which stimulate learning. Important skills like taking turns, sharing instruments, and engaging with other adults and toddlers will be accomplished in all activities. Bonding will continue with the caregiver as learning increases.

Preschoolers in Kindermusik

This is when the pretend play action happens. Preschoolers begin to make friends, play with one another, and have small conversations. Kindermusik activities support this exciting time through pretend play activities and by allowing plenty of time for exploration. Our curriculum fosters kindness, empathy, and patience, which helps preschoolers develop these important social skills.

Children aren’t the only ones who benefit from Kindermusik. Caregivers who take the time to come week after week develop a special connection with their child. By participating in weekly classes, adults enjoy the benefits of friendship while watching their children and others grow and flourish. There is no other program that stimulates the growth of a child more than Kindermusik in the early years. To experience the benefits of Kindermusik at Dawson with your child, click here.

Contributor Michele Mulder is a wife, mother, and nationally recognized Kindermusik Maestro Instructor. She teaches Kindermusik at  Dawson Music Academy.