3 Benefits of Consistent Lessons

Have you ever considered that the things we do consistently are the things that have priority in our lives? Consistency serves an important and unique purpose.

Consider this scenario: Dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day, for at least 30 seconds each time. Imagine the implications if you waited until the last day of the year and spent 6 hours straight brushing your teeth. (That would equal the same amount of time brushing your teeth as brushing each day of the year.) Obviously, the benefits are not the same. Your breath would stink all year, you would be at high risk for cavities, and your gums would be in poor health.

Consistent lessons with a musical instrument is a routine that serves a purpose, just as the routine of brushing your teeth serves a purpose.

Here are 3 benefits of consistent music lessons:

Consistent lessons help students retain information.

While the brain is an amazing organ, there is a limit to how much new information it can absorb at once. It takes time for the brain to process new information. Similarly, it takes time for our muscles to develop the coordination to play new musical pieces. Musical skills involve several different brain functions simultaneously.

Consistent music lessons allow students to build muscle strength and coordination one step at a time. Students are better able to comprehend, focus, and retain information from week to week when they receive consistent lessons. If the lapse between lessons is too great, the brain and muscles must be re-trained on the information they have forgotten. Consistent music lessons foster the development of our brains, enhance muscle coordination, and promote musicianship.

Consistent lessons develop the discipline of routine.

Developing a new routine can be cumbersome. The initial challenge is finding time and purpose for a new routine. Prioritizing weekly lessons can help students build at-home practice routines. As students look forward to their weekly lesson time, their practice time becomes an established routine.

Consistent lessons establish an environment of trust.

The best learning environment is one of trust. Trust is built over time. As students and instructors get to know each other, the level of trust increases each week. Consistent lessons allow students and instructors to develop a meaningful relationship. During weekly lessons, instructors offer encouragement, teach new skills, and provide new challenges to help students expand their talents.

Because we believe so deeply in the power of consistent lessons, our make up policy is designed with consistent lessons in mind. Our commitment is to provide consistent weekly lessons to students. We hope you will join us in prioritizing weekly lessons so that we can help students reach their musical potential.

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Contributor Kimberly Jones is a mother, wife, and the Director of the Dawson Music Academy at the Dawson Family of Faith.