Student Talent Showcases

Congratulations to each student who played in a spring recital at Dawson Music Academy. We’re proud of you! Thanks for sharing your talents and for making it obvious that our students are some of the most talented students in Birmingham. Below are three reasons we think our students’ talents rank among the best.

Individual Expression

On recital day, it was clear that Academy students enjoy expressing themselves through music. Musical selections varied from fast songs to slow songs, from classical selections to popular selections, from hymns to praise choruses. Each student played a song that represented their style of music. A few students even wrote their own arrangement of songs to share.

Group Talent

Each student who played on a Spring Recital demonstrated beautiful musicianship. Several students took their musical skills to a new level by playing duets. Some duets were played by siblings, while others were played by parents and children. Some instructors joined with their students to make music as they played the guitar, piano, or violin. On one recital, twenty students joined together to play Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy.” Whether playing by themselves or with other musicians, it was clear: we’ve got talent!

Fan Clubs

Families and friends affirmed the talents of Academy students by their applause and support on Recital Day. Special thanks to the support of family and friends. Your encouragement is invaluable. Musical talents don’t develop over night. Rather, they take time, effort, and encouragement. Thanks for being part of encouraging students’ talents.

Thank you to each student who shared in one of our 12 Spring Recitals. Students played guitar, harp, piano, violin, brass, and woodwind instruments. Over 200 Academy students, ranging in age from 4 to 67 years old, celebrated the gift of music by singing or playing an instrument. Thanks for showing Birmingham that “We’ve got talent!”

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Contributor Kimberly Jones is a wife, mother, and the Director of the Dawson Music Academy at the Dawson Family of Faith.