Thomas Maternik-Peret

Bachelor of Music Ecole Nationale de Music de Fresnes, Paris Master of Music Royal College of Music, London In progress: Doctor of Musical Arts University of Alabama

Music is a beautiful language that has a special way of connecting with each of us.  In addition to learning to play the cello, I aim to teach students  the beauty of the language of music. My hope is to instill a lifelong love of music in students.

I enjoy adapting weekly lessons to reflect each  student’s abilities and interests. As we explore a variety of musical styles in weekly lessons, we discover which style connects best with each student’s musical preferences. It’s important to me that students enjoy playing the cello, so I encourage them to suggest favorite songs that they like to play. During weekly lessons, we focus on musicality, technique, and music reading skills. Learning to play the cello requires discipline, tenacity, and lots of hard work, but unlike other activities, these essential elements for success can be learned while students experience the joy and fun of playing beautiful music on the cello. I enjoy creating a positive learning environment for students to explore their musical talents. As students master new skills, they develop confidence and experience the joy of music. The gift of music is one of the greatest contributions to a healthy and happy life.

I am currently pursuing a doctoral degree in musical arts at the University of Alabama. In addition to teaching at Dawson Music Academy, I have also taught as an adjunct professor at the University of North Alabama. I recently founded the Alabama Cello Society with the goal of supporting connections among area musicians. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy performing and sharing my musical talents in various venues. I have served as the principal cellist with the California Orchestra CCCO, Alabama Huntsville Symphony, and Alabama Shoals Symphony. Currently, I am the cellist in residence with the Capstone String Quartet at the University of Alabama and serve as principal cellist for the Columbus Symphony Orchestra. I also enjoy performing with the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Mobile Symphony Orchestra, and Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra.

Because I love sharing the joy of music with our community, some of my favorite performance venues are at Children’s Hospital and local Retirement Homes. There is something very special that happens when we join together with others and allow music to brighten our day. When I’m not playing or teaching cello, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife and children.