Jessica Smith

In progress: Bachelor of Arts Samford University

Music creates unique opportunities for us to express ourselves. Whatever I’m experiencing in life, there’s always a song that I can play that reflects my feelings. One of my favorite things as a teacher is finding “the song” for each student that connects with their interests and allow them to express themselves. There’s something amazing that happens when music becomes more than just notes on a page; when it becomes an expression of us.

My favorite aspect of teaching is the privilege I have to inspire and encourage a love of music in others. Because I want students to look forward to weekly piano lessons, I regularly incorporate songs that they enjoy playing. During lessons, I utilize a variety of different activities to engage each student’s unique learning style. It’s important to me for students to understand the “why” behind the rules of music. To help students develop a strong musical foundation, I incorporate technique and theory into each lesson.

Since each student is unique, I design each lesson with an approach that will best benefit each student at their particular level of learning. I supplement our regular lesson books with additional pieces that I feel will assist the student in accomplishing his/her musical goals.  I also incorporate pieces that reflect individual student’s interests. As a student learns new pieces, I want him/her to gain an understanding of the beauty of music. My goal is for each student to appreciate and enjoy playing the piano. Music is one of the best gifts that God has given us. It’s a privilege for me to share that gift with each of my students!