Janie Williams

Bachelor of Science in Special Education Union University

I’ve been a musician most of my life. From a young age, I took classical piano lessons. My passion for music increased during high school when I joined the Youth Worship Band at my church. My love for music continued to grow as I explored different musical styles during college.

As a teacher, I enjoy helping students discover the unique sounds of the piano.  The piano is an amazing instrument that blends science, math, and art together to create beautiful tones. During weekly lessons, students learn the basics of theory such as reading notes, counting rhythms, and playing chords. Students frequently use these fundamentals to create their own compositions.

I enjoy building relationships with students and adapting lessons to their interests. I believe that every student learns in a specific way and God has given me a desire to see those needs met. My favorite part of teaching is celebrating with students when they accomplish their goals! I love when they master a song and I can say “That was awesome! Let’s move on!”