Chadwick McDowell

Bachelor of Music in Composition Samford University Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance Samford University

I love that music allows us to tell a story without words. From joyful tunes to reflective passages to majestic concertos, music has a way of helping me communicate. Music allows me to express my emotions. It’s a universal language that everyone can speak and understand, which amazes me.

As a teacher, I don’t want music lessons to be one more thing on the to-do list for the day. Instead, I want it to be an activity where students can freely express themselves. My goal is for students to become better musicians, but also to increase their passion for music. I enjoy building relationships with students to identify their personal interests and musical goals. As I learn their interests, I adapt lessons to include music that will develop their musical skills and be enjoyable to them. I enjoy helping students develop their personal style of playing.

In addition to exploring different musical styles, I emphasize note reading, theory, and technique in weekly lessons. These important fundamentals of music are important for students to develop so that they become successful musicians. I like to incorporate fun ways of applying these skills in weekly lessons. As students learn new theory skills, we often use those skills to improvise or compose short songs to play.

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy composing new musical works. I’ve written a variety of different pieces, ranging from string quartets to brass ensembles to solo piano compositions. I also enjoy playing with other musicians in worship services, wedding celebrations, and other community venues. Whether teaching, playing, or composing, music is my passion and I enjoy sharing it with others.