Favorite 4 Music Apps for Kids

We had high hopes before we became parents, but then we actually had kids. So, the iPad and iPhone tend to find their way into our children’s hands several times a week. Many of the games they enjoy are also helping them learn music. Here are their favorite music apps, as well as a couple I’m trying to sell them on.

ABC Mouse

We’d seen ABC Mouse advertised in several places, but didn’t purchase it until recently. If there’s one app our kids use regularly, it’s this one. While there’s far more than just music, the songs that are featured are about many different subjects, and the music helps our kids remember what they’re learning. There’s also a place to play familiar songs or create their own custom music.

Pianist Pro

It’s a little self-serving, but I put Pianist Pro on their iPad when I need play through a couple songs at home. Sure enough, our son started experimenting with it. For children, one of the basic building blocks of success in music is hearing the difference between high and low sounds. This app makes learning that super simple.

My First Orchestra

My First Orchestra is one of the best I’ve ever seen for teaching a love of the orchestra. There are pages for each instrument of the orchestra, and each one is extremely interactive. I love the activities like listen to an instrument and guessing what is playing. They can also hear each instrument inside of its family or section in the orchestra, and even learn about the composers they are listening to, from the Superman theme to a Mozart Concerto.

Little Praise Party

Our Children’s & Preschool Ministers recently invited Yancy, a Christian children’s worship leader, to join us for a long weekend at Dawson. Our kids immediately fell in love with the music, and I loved the scripture-inspired lyrics. Little Praise Party includes all of their favorite songs, plus other great features. As a musician, I can feel good about my children singing along since all the ranges (how high and low a song goes) are suited for kids, so they won’t harm their voices.

These apps, and many more, are great supplements to ongoing, regular lessons for any instrument or voice. If you find some that you like, I’d love for you to share.

Contributor John Woods is a dad to Hudson and Emma, husband to Lindsay, and the Music & Worship Pastor of the Dawson Family of Faith.