DMA Hosts Alabama Symphony Orchestra

Dawson Music Academy had the privilege of hosting the Alabama Symphony Orchestra Explorer Concerts this week. Under the direction of Christopher Confessore, the symphony shared a beautiful selection of music. The audience, a total of 700 children ages 3-7 split between two concerts, enjoyed listening to familiar music such as Waltz from Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty and Imperial March from William’s Star Wars. Other selections such as Smith’s Tempus Fugit and Sforzini’s “A Journey in Orchestration” were unfamiliar songs, but helped the children learn about the different instruments in the orchestra. The children heard the unique sounds of the brass family, string family, woodwind family, and percussion family. Through listening to different passages of music, children learned how musical sounds reflect emotions such as happy or sad.

During the concert, some children clapped to the beat of the music while others bounced up and down in their seats to keep the rhythm. Eyes were big and faces bright as they watched talented musicians bring music to life right in front of their eyes. A few volunteers from the audience had the special privilege of selecting which instrument families played together on the final piece!

At Dawson Music Academy, we enjoy sharing music with students of all ages. We believe it’s never to early to share the gift of music with a child. Music has the power to make every aspect of life better. If you’re ready to enhance your life with music lessons at Dawson Music Academy, click here to register for lessons.

Contributor Kimberly Jones is a mother, wife, and the Director of the Dawson Music Academy at the Dawson Family of Faith.