5 Stars for Online Summer Music Camp: Rated by Kids (& Moms)

As a mom who is a planner, social-distancing guidelines have definitely thrown a kink in my summer plans. Having to revamp summer plans to find fun activities to fill the long summer days is a bit overwhelming. While I know this summer will look different than previous summers since social-distancing guidelines remain in place, I still think it’s important for kids to have fun ways to connect and explore. As I look for summer activities for my child, I’m considering three factors: enjoyability for my child, affordability for my budget, and convenience for our schedule.

This summer, several “online camps” are being offered. I must admit, I’m hesitant about signing up my child for “online” summer camps. (Will it be as stressful as online school has been the past few weeks? How many times have I heard “Mom, where is the login to this website? Mom, can you help me find this worksheet?”) At Dawson Music Academy, we’ve created an Online Summer Music Camp experience designed with kids AND moms in mind. Here’s 5 reasons that we’re positive kids and moms will love Online Summer Music Camp!

Enjoy Fun & Interactive Musical Experiences

Each day, online music campers will participate in activities designed to help kids experience first hand the excitement and joy of music. Daily camp videos (5 videos total, each video approximately 45 minutes in length) are designed to engage children’s creative interests while also providing interactive musical activities. Similar to our in-person music camps, each camp activity allows campers to experience the joy of music. Daily camp videos include Meet the Instrument Sessions, interactive musical activities, Worship Rally songs, and Bible story time.

Mom: No hands-on work required by you! We’ve designed our activities to be led by the camp instructor in the video. Kids will move with the music, pat steady beats, and enjoy musical fun!

Discover & Play the Instrument Right for You

Choose your favorite instrument (guitar, piano, percussion, ukulele, violin, or voice) and try it out for a week to see if it’s the right instrument for you. Through video conferencing, campers connect daily with camp instructors for private lessons. If you’re not sure what instrument you will enjoy, our Introductory Camp Track will help you decide. Each day, during Meet the Instrument Sessions, campers will see, hear, and learn how to play a variety of instruments to they can find the one that ranks at the top of their list.

Mom: No worries if you don’t own the instrument that your child finds interesting. We have several instruments available for campers to borrow.

Access Hands-On & Engaging Explorations

At the beginning of the week, campers will receive a 5-gallon camp supply bucket overflowing with supplies, activities, and directions for at-home musical experiences. With supplies that include musical instruments, visual aids, and craft projects, campers will be thrilled to explore a variety of activities as they interact with daily camp videos.

Mom: No rounding up activities or supplies to silence the “I’m bored!” complaints from your kiddos. We’ve created activities and prepared all the supplies that campers will need for a week of fun!

Affordable & Valuable Musical Connections

Finding ways to unlock musical creativity without exhausting the budget can sometimes be challenging. With the reasonable pricing options of our Online Summer Music Camp, campers enjoy music and learn to play an instrument for a fraction of the cost of regular private lessons. For kids who are unsure about which musical instrument is the right fit for them, music camp is the perfect opportunity to try it out.

Mom: For the cost of one private lesson ($30), campers experience a full week of musical fun through Introductory Track. For less than one month of lessons ($100), campers experience 4-daily private lessons through our Exploratory Track.

Convenient & Adaptable Daily Scheduling

Because summer schedules look different from week-to-week, we’re giving you the option to schedule Online Music Camp at the time that works best for you. Each morning, videos will be available for kids to start their camp experience. The videos will be available throughout the day, so you can schedule them at the most convenient time for you. For private camp lessons, camp instructors will work with your schedule to find the best fit for you. From the convenience of your own home, your child will enjoy a whole new world of musical adventures.

Mom: Choose the time of day that works best with your daily schedule. Simply start the video for your kids, be sure they have their bucket of supplies handy, and your kids will enjoy 45 minutes of musical fun (while you enjoy a “mom-break”).

We can’t wait to connect with you for Dawson Music Academy’s Online Summer Music Camp, July 13-17. It will be a fun-filled week of musical explorations. With a variety of musical activities, we’ll help you launch your musical talents in a whole new direction. To sign up today, click here.

Contributor Kimberly Jones is a wife, mother, and the Director of the Dawson Music Academy at the Dawson Family of Faith.